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Efficiency and concreteness for your business

Socialsurf acts as a business partner of client; we operate in different countries and in different company’s cultures. We are able to provide a highly qualified and profiled network of managers (middle and C-Level), in Italy and abroad.

Socialsurf can also count on an international network of Temporay Export Managers and contact points in different parts of the world to support internationalization processes. 



My name is Gaetano Bonfissuto and I founded Socialsurf Srl in May 2011. At those times, it was the first 100%-Italian capital company specialized in Social&Web recruiting at international level.

Now Socialsurf Srl has three Business Units: Digital&Export Business, Innovation, Staffing&Recruiting.

Digital&Export Business and Innovation BUs also provide client companies with assistance on facilitated finance and grants (Italian and European tenders), from feasibility study, project draft and submission of application, up to the final reporting, leading the company to obtain the grant.

Since 2020 I am also accredited as Digital Export Manager by Italian Trade Agency.

I have worked abroad (Czech Republic, USA, Denmark and UK), learning how to deal with different international businesses and cultural environments.

I also acquired a strong know-how in the start-up field, after having lauched in 2007 Executivesurf, the first web-based recruiting company, and havig founded Socialsurf in 2011, the first Italian company in international Web&Social recruiting.

Thanks to these experiences, I gained extensive ability operating in fast growing contests, which require quick results and complex processes managing with limited resources.

Operating in a web-based environment with cloud tools at global level, brought me closer to the world of Big Data and Machine Learing, up to identifying new processes, methods and services.

For more details: please have a look at my Linkedin profile.

Socialsurf is a service hub: we are here to become a trusted partner of your company.


Be social: communicate, share, connect.
Online. Better: offline.

In our professional experience we have been working mainly with SMEs, and I have always loved working with them: behind every single product you'll find people, creativity and technical ability. Digital marketing and communication are strongly effective tools to promote and sell their products, and also to tell what is behind them.



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